Sunday, March 23, 2014

To Hell 'n Back Aagain

Enter into the depths of Hell. Will you emerge from the abyss unscathed?

To Hell and Back Again.

Abandoned Alabama Iron Ore Mine.
Location : Undisclosed.
Entry into this location requires rappelling down a vertical shaft, and use of supplied air respirators. The doors have been shut.
Do not attempt. You have been warned.

The Facility
The surface works.


Shear Rivet

Rust Out

Enter the Darkness
The Portal.

The Door
Dare you enter?

Depths of Hell

Lights Out

Dramatic Darkness

Satan's Walk

Ride This to the Depths

45 Degrees to the Abyss

Falling to the Inferno


Ceiling of Hell


Light of Freedom

Only Escape

Escape from Purgatory

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