Monday, February 24, 2014

Ruffner No. 3 Mine

The Ruffner No. 3 mine slope began producing iron ore in 1908. The site closed years before Ruffner No. 2 was modernized in 1939. Today, the mine is flooded only a short way down.

Ruffner No 3 Portal


The Heading

Area Closed

The Way Up


Frothy Growth



The Pet Cemetery

This abandoned Pet Cemetery near Birmingham, AL was active and maintained for over 70 years. It became dilapidated after undesirables took over the nearby neighborhoods. The metal fences and gates, including the large steel sign that marked the pet cemetery, have been stolen to be exchanged for $2 at the closest scrapyard. All that remains of this place are the small, overgrown headstones above the graves. It is both ironic and sad that these animal owners put their companion's remains into a pet cemetery so that they would not be forgotten, and now the cemetery itself is forgotten.

Old Pets Gone







Monday, February 17, 2014

This Ole Mine - Ruffner No. 2

Mining was done at Ruffner No. 2 as early as 1886, and work on this slope mine began in 1908. This mine fed the Sloss blast furnaces, and helped to shape Birmingham into the city it is today. Activity onsite ceased in 1952, and the mine portal was blocked with dirt and stone. A large explosion at an above ground storage building, presumably from abandoned explosives, occurred onsite in 1971.

Today it sits much the same as it was then. The only break in the dark, eerie silence of this black hole are a few sporadic water drops, and a tiny underground stream.

For the first time known : Ruffner - Illuminated.

DANGER : Do not enter unless you are prepared to risk bad air and cave ins.



Carted Off

This passageway ended suddenly into a wall. Ruffner No.2 was once connected with another mine that sat just to the east, and this wall is the sealed portal that once allowed mine carts to travel across the valley to the next mine. A closer picture can be seen in my March 2014 Ruffner No.2 on Film post.

Ghostly Figure

Curved Up

Depths of Hell

Old Times

Splash Through



Above ground structure


Three story tall ore crusher