Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Cave Tour

This small cave was once open for tours, and featured a small boat dock at the bottom so you could paddle out on the underground lake. The tour business fell victim to the recession, and is now closed.
We turned on the breakers, and surprisingly, the location still has power. Some of the lights left behind in the cave came to life. Whoever owns this property is still paying the power bill.

Shadows and Highlights

Cave Lights

Shine From Beyond


Crystalline Entity

Detail Dirt

Yellow Light

Flow and Curtains

Rocky Substance

Cave Falls

The docks now float randomly inside the cave's lake. The boats have either sunk, or been removed.

Abandoned Dock

Above and Below

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Republic Steel

A quick pass through Republic Steel.

The Machine

Pipe Mess

Pod Spinner Gas Thing


Grease Trap

Red Gray Silver

Turn This

Turbine Blades

Pipe Up



Green Turbine

Pipe City

Industrial Peel


The Coke Gas Passage

The Valve



The Tether


White Stack

40 Year Old Things

Growth and Decay

Brick Stack

Turns Up

The Windings

Power Systems

Power House



Power House Logs

The Turbine

Strange things were stored inside the Admin Building!

If You Build It, They Will Come

Old Coke

A shooting range, complete with a steel bullet trap, can be found in the basement. They used .22 short.

Shooting Range

Stare Down

The Beast