Monday, February 27, 2012

UAB Center for Health Professionals

My first time exploring. Simple, small, easy access.

Getting in was shockingly easy. The facility is totally unsecured. The main gate is destroyed and no longer blocks cars from driving right in. There are zero "No Trespassing" signs to be seen. Normally I won't post entry points, but this was too easy.  Clearly, whoever owns this land doesn't care enough to even keep the gate closed.


Once inside, we were greeted by a scene of total neglect and intentional destruction.
Broken glass lines the floor, which consists of floor tiles long past due for replacement. Holes in the sheet rock large enough to walk through, Lewd messages cover much of the walls, probably applied by local high school kids and taggers.



Copper pipe thieves have torn out most of the plumping, leaving behind piles of pipe insulation and shattered toilets.

Hot Water

We found a room that had several matchbox sized cards that fold open into a map of how to get to the facility. We folded one out to examine it while we heard squirrels running around in the ceiling above us. Our presence had disturbed them.

Head outside, and there is a lake behind the building. Evidence that this was once a relaxing place before it was left to its fate.


The outside of the building seems to have fared a bit better than the inside, even so, all of the windows, air conditions, and electrical equipment are either destroyed, missing, or decayed to the point of no return.


This place, which I'm guessing once served as a training facility for those interested in healthcare, now sits wide open, and at the mercy of local teens and vandals. A great first place to explore.