Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Red Mountain Museum

The Red Mountain Museum was once perched on the eastern side of the Highway 31 Red Mountain Cut, a historic cut deep into Red Mountain that revealed millions of years of geology, and even resulted in the discovery of a previously unknown extinct species. The museum eventually merged with another local science museum, to later form the McWane Center.

The small building has since been torn down, and the lot is now used to store a religious school's trailers. The historic and educational walkway along the side of the cut is now abandoned, and left to the elements. We hopped the fence for a quick explore.

Film is Ektar 100, camera is a Canon Canonet QL17 G-III.

Red Mountain 3

Red Mountain 4

Red Mountain 2

Red Mountain 1


Out of things to explore?
Love taking pictures?
Extremely bored?
Got some Ektar 100 film?

Torii 2

Shrine Trees

The Yard

Tea House

Tea House 2


Bamboo Forest

Red Bridge

Bamboo Stream



Koi Pond

Red Bridge 2

The Wall



School Zone

Crappy abandonment with little to no photographic opportunity?
Regularly patrolled?
SWAT team training site?
Who cares!

Left Behind

The Descent

No Girls Allowed

The Way


The View

The Classroom